Our simple, affordable ideas will help you decorate your house from the front door to the table with flowers.

Fresh Ways with Flowers

by Sara Anderson

Sometimes, just the flower is all you need for a stunning display. We filled three clear glass bowls with an inch of water, placed a gardenia bloom inside, and then stacked them. You can find inexpensive bowls like these at a crafts store. To the side, a hydrangea bloom stands tall in a slender vase.Read More

Room for Creativity

by Mary Jo Bowling

One of the most important spaces in a home is where you can pursue simple pleasures like arranging flowers, working with wood, or developing craft projects. Read More

Thanksgiving Wreaths

by Ellen Ruoff Riley

Take these simple, affordable ideas, and decorate your house from the front door to the table. Read More

First day of school:

Welcome students with read-alouds and colorful, confidence-building crafts

Read aloud First Day, Hooray! by Nancy Poydar (Holiday House, 1999). Then have children make pocket puppets to share their excitement about the first day of school.. Read More

Furniture designed at the Byrd Cliffe Arts and Crafts Colony

by Robert Edwards

Since the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to the Byrdcliffe Arts and Crafts Colony in Woodstock, New York, in 1984 and 1985, the furniture produced there has been of great interest to students of the arts and crafts movement in the United States. Read More

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