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In our last installment of this Keno series, we'll talk about Keno odds and some other items. Up to this point we've talked about some Keno basics, game differentiation and history. Now it's time to look at the hard facts of Keno. For starters, the question anyone should have is about winning.

Can you actually win money playing Keno? Sure, but it's not one of those casino games that you'd want to base your whole bankroll around. As I mentioned in part one of this Keno series, Keno is just like the lotto. The odds are a little better, but it's still a guessing game.

There's no strategy involved. While it may be complete luck, knowing some probabilities can help you make better decisions and enjoy Keno more. This is a game that should be relaxing and fun. Don't get too stressed out over it and don't become one of those Keno maniacs that submits 100 tickets per game. Keno has 80 numbers and each game 20 of those numbers are selected. So, we know that each number has a 25% probability of showing up on any given game.

And since that probability is so high, picking and hitting 1 number doesn't pay much. In fact, it usually pays 1 for 3. However, considering there's a 1 in 4 chance of winning, you do get good value for the money. As you progress up the number scale (6-spots, 10-spots, etc), the disparity between the payout and the actual odds get much higher. So, we know that we have a 25% chance of hitting a 1-spot, but what about a 2-spot? The probability is 6%.

So, if you play constantly at about one game per 5-6 minutes, you should hit a 2-spot every two hours on average. Are you ready? The probability really takes a hit from here on out. I like playing 3-spots. I hit them now and again and here's why. The 3-spot has a 1.

4% chance of hitting, so once every 8 hours maybe. Still, not bad when you combine this with other stuff. And 2 out of 3 does return your money back. I know a lot of Keno players and they live and die by the 6-spot.

They rarely hit them, but when they do, it's a cash bonanza. The 6-spot has a .00013% probability of being hit.

Kind of crappy, but considering you can make $1,500 or more for a $1 wager, it's not that bad. Strategy In closing, there's no real strategy. However, one possible strategy may help live Keno players who like playing 6-spot or higher tickets.

Make sure you also play 1-2 lower tickets, such as 1-, 2-, or 3-spots. A little cash coming in here and there will help keep you going until your 6-spot or higher comes in. Good luck!.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!


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Playing Keno Part of - In our last installment of this Keno series, we'll talk about Keno odds and some other items.

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