Farmer's, market centerpiece

Next time you take a stroll through the farmer's market or down the grocery store aisle, pick pretty produce for your table's centerpiece as well as for the day's dinner Read More

Fresh Ways with Flowers

by Sara Anderson

Sometimes, just the flower is all you need for a stunning display. We filled three clear glass bowls with an inch of water, placed a gardenia bloom inside, and then stacked them. You can find inexpensive bowls like these at a crafts store. To the side, a hydrangea bloom stands tall in a slender vase.Read More

Gravetye Manor

by Judith B. Tankard

Gravetye Manor, an Elizabethan house near East Grinstead in West Sussex, and now a hotel, was once the home of one of the leading garden theorists of the nineteenth century. Read More

Room for Creativity

by Mary Jo Bowling

One of the most important spaces in a home is where you can pursue simple pleasures like arranging flowers, working with wood, or developing craft projects. Read More

Pressed Flowers

by Catherine Kramer

Picked and preserved, delicate pressed flowers and foliage give any spot in the house summery charm. Read More

Thanksgiving Wreaths

by Ellen Ruoff Riley

Take these simple, affordable ideas, and decorate your house from the front door to the table. Read More