secrets to getting pregnant faster

When can I get pregnant? Many women today believe as soon as they go off the pill they will get pregnant, and this is simply not true. Getting pregnant can take months and even years for some couples today. To give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant it is important that you understand when you are most fertile and receptive to conceiving a child. In order to get pregnant faster you need to understand you ovulation cycle. Understanding the cycles of your body will let you know the best time to have sex.

The single most important thing you need to understand about getting pregnant is your ovulation cycle. A normal female has a regular cycle of 28 days with their egg ready for fertilization at around 14 days this is the peak of their fertility. Most women have a ovulation cycle of 28 days with best time to conceive coming at the half way point. While 28 days in normal not all women are the same it can vary by one to four days either way. Understanding when your ovulating will give you the best chance of getting pregnant.

Body Temperature - The best way to understand you ovulation cycle and when you will be at your peak is to use a basal thermometer. Use a basal thermometer to tract you body temperature, when a women is at the peak of her cycle her body temperature will increase between .5 and 1.5 degrees. Ovulation Kit - Another great way to understand the best time to get pregnant is an ovulation kit.

An ovulation kit will measure the women's hormone level and will give you a reading 48 hours before the peak of the ovulation cycle. The cervical mucus changes in color when a woman is close to her peak fertility. A woman's vaginal fluid will become milky in color when she is close to her peak fertility and ready to conceive a child. For many couples having a child is the best time in their life. When trying to get pregnant it is important that you enjoy the journey and do not put to much pressure on your partner when you are trying to conceive a child.

Putting pressure on yourself when your trying to get pregnant can really lower your chances of getting pregnant. When you put pressure on what is supposed to be a joyous natural process you affect your body. Stress can effect a women hormonal balance and actually hurt her chances of getting pregnant quickly.

Over 10% of women have trouble getting pregnant quicker. Increase your chances of becoming pregnant quicker getting pregnant tips and advice.


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